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Tied up girl

Tied up girl

Gönderen: oliinropes ( 35 Videolar ) | Yerleştirme tarihi:
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 wieb-ke 29.03.2011, 18:30

nur schade, dass man nicht sieht, wie er die arme fesselt :-((
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 Dungeoneer 16.03.2011, 7:12

The model is great and I must admit that the dress is sexy. BUT - I neither capture the "Domestic Setting" nor the 1001st recap of "Damsel wriggling in Distress" kink. There's everything available for a HQ clip - the cable drum to the right, would have been an excellent pedestal for scening and a large, plain blanket as bg would have covered the mess. 3/5
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 seanp1170 11.03.2011, 19:09

Love the peekaboo dress! She seems very resigned to her fate in this vid.
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